ABMA tax & accounting


At ABMA Tax & Accounting Ltd. the entrepreneur plays a crucial role. Communication and accessibility are the magic words. We will not make you wait if you have a quick question. We make sure that you know where you stand and will not let you down. Nothing is more annoying than not being able to get on with that at which you are good and having to spend time and energy on issues you thought you had outsourced.

We obviously also show our strength with the quality work we deliver. All our staff are university graduates. This enables us, more than other administration firms, to think along with you in a proactive manner. In addition, we look at ourselves in a critical fashion in order to continuously improve the quality of the services we provide.

Tax affairs and book keeping are generally no exciting issues for entrepreneurs. We try our utmost to relieve you of dealing with these matters and, where possible, create a smile on your face. We embrace the personal approach and distance ourselves from the dusty image that is nowadays still associated with our line of business. It is never enjoyable to receive a tax claim and this will never change. We will do everything possible to create the ideal preconditions so that the tax claim does not take you by surprise and will be as low as possible.